'Hi!  I'm Nadine The Carnival Queen    & I'm building the biggest, baddest carnival brand the world  has ever seen x.'-Founder & CEO
We   doh pose, we  does   PARTY!   
But we  still   want to  look our  best .

Rock 'N' Roots specialise in cut and sew fashionable flags,  that ensure our Revellers will stand out in a mas crowd.  We create awesome products that enhance the carnival and fete experience whilst maintaining a glamorous and trendy aesthetic.  Most of our pieces are designed and made to order in our London (UK) studio.

Founded in 2012 by Nadine The Carnival Queen, the carnivalholic and bacchanalist who dreams of playing mas around the world. It’s her love of carnival and Caribbean culture that was the catalyst behind Rock ‘N’ Roots.

‘It was summer 2012 and the buzz was the London Olympics, patriotism is in the air. I wasn’t doing costume but I was jumping with a truck and I was looking for something stylish to wear to Notting Hill Carnival, other than the generic cut up band t-shirt to represent St. Vincent and the Grenadines and there was nothing! It was then I noticed the gap in the market for carnival clothing, as all existing clothing was a generic run of the mill, mass produced, ill-fitting t-shirt with a boring flag graphic on the front’.

As that simply wouldn’t do for the University of the Arts graduate. A London native of Vincentian and Jamaican descent, she set about making her own t-shirt and created the fashionable flag, which is the very template for our first ever product the signature cut & sew loose cropped t-shirt today. 

Since our inception we've expanded our range exponentially and we now provide over 20 unique

products to fashionably represent your pride. We also provide a made to order service with most of our products in any flag including the option of double sided/double flag designs.


What started out as a carnival lover's dream has now grown into a one stop shop destination for fashionable flags for carnival, fetes, festivals, editorial, performances, Olympics, World Cup, marathons and more.



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